Shipping & Logistics Sector

The Shipping and Logistics sector is the backbone on which the economies of all countries of the world ride. As trade between countries grow, and they get more interdependent upon each other, the old sea trade routes gain more prominence, as greater volumes of cargo are moved on them along with air freight. Road and rail networks also play a role in the movement of goods, especially into areas which are away from the sea coasts or navigable rivers.

Azimuth Infotech have created many products that are specifically directed at the large Corporates which straddle this sector. Liner shipping companies as well as Logistics providers use our cost effective 24 X 7 services to deliver documents to their customers as well as enable them to be kept updated regarding the whereabouts of their precious goods. Our products are driven by senior practitioners from the industry who know exactly what the clients require.

Liner and House Bills of Lading

Almost 40% of an Appraiser’s time is spent in the preparation of Appraisal Reports; time that could be put to better use, in carrying out more inspections, and generating more income.

Azimuth Infotech’s Appraisal Data Entry service is a boon to any Appraiser who wants to improve upon productivity and revenue. Our highly trained hands will work 24 X 7 to complete your reports in Win Total®, ACI®, Click Forms®, SFREP® etc. along with sketches, maps and photos.

Surely this is an Appraiser’s dream come true!

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