Whom Do We Work For?

Azimuth Infotech has a diversified range of products which are customized to therequirements of clients from a variety of Industries.

Our services are used by some of the most well-known and respected organisations in their sector, including –

  • Real Estate:-
    some of the largest Appraisal Management Companies with nationwidepresence, Appraisal shops, Individual or family-owned Appraisal units, Title Insurance companies etc. rely upon us to provide prompt reports, reviews, preparing of documents etc.
  • Shipping & Logistics :-
    many Liner Shipping Companies and Global Logistics networks use our services for a variety of documentation and updation purposes.
  • Healthcare Providers :-
    large multi-city Healthcare providers use our reliable and compliant services to increase their efficiency.
  • Education Portals :-
    E-Learning delivering services over the web use our assistance in various areas related to gathering of material, sorting and segmentation of course content, delivery of modules etc.


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