Shipping & Logistics Sector

Cargo Trace and Track

All transport companies claim to have automated track and trace systems. But the fact of the matter is that all these automated systems require manual updation at every check-point.

Azimuth Infotech have highly trained and experienced staff who can liaise with Shipping Companies and Freight Forwarders and keep a close track of the whereabouts of your precious cargo. Sometimes the automated system will corroborate what we say, at other times we will tell you where your cargo has actually reached! This service is offered to regular shippers and consignees of cargoes, as well as to Shipping/Freight Forwarding companies as a primary or back-up to their system.

Liner and House Bills of Lading

Almost 40% of an Appraiser’s time is spent in the preparation of Appraisal Reports; time that could be put to better use, in carrying out more inspections, and generating more income.

Azimuth Infotech’s Appraisal Data Entry service is a boon to any Appraiser who wants to improve upon productivity and revenue. Our highly trained hands will work 24 X 7 to complete your reports in Win Total®, ACI®, Click Forms®, SFREP® etc. along with sketches, maps and photos.

Surely this is an Appraiser’s dream come true!

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